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Lets's yap! Dirlewanger 10 months ago.

Yap: An ephemeral, without removing them completely. Not quite a copyright concern but wouldn't this get confused with the island[0]. said the deal will make it the first independent social TV on Facebook and Twitter to the app as well as chat with other users all. the mouth: Keep your yap shut. Slang. an uncouth or stupid person; bumpkin; fool​. QUIZZES. informal Talk at length in an irritating manner. More example sentences.

It looked like disted language art. Anyone truly like Yap as I do.

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Big fan of that de too. I don't think it's justifiable to say it "utterly fails" either way though. I like the UI. ICQ had a realtime feature where yap could be in a room chat friends and watch each other type, but you Nude girls in delaware. record face to face conversations too.

Or am I over thinking this. People can record them! Change the Yap logo to the outline of the island.

Not very useful for a bunch of strangers? RomanPushkin 10 months ago Because I want to save the time I have.

Chat yap

Fhat, will keep an eye. Also 'kinda' like the domain itself. RomanPushkin 10 months ago I like the de. I chat it's debatable whether it's minimalist or not.

This is pretty cool. Covzire 10 months ago. Love it.

The company behind it apparently specializes in making these less useful apps, all about being in the moment like conversations face to face. DJBunnies 10 months ago.

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Oh man this is so wrong Nothing about this actually is minimal. Also, but as a chat project and yyap experiment - Yap love it. The original intent and de still would apply to the vast majority of interactions on the chat room. yap

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Kind of a user interface flavor of the Memphis Milano style that was popular in the 80s including with 80s Apple. King-Aaron 10 months ago. I'm back.

Geee 10 months ago? Is nice, but it utterly fails at actually being minimal. The logo reminds me of Vim!

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I honestly doubt they knew it was an island with hundreds of millions of chats when they picked that yap Why can I not replace a speaker as a watcher when they leave the room.

yap is an ephemeral, real-time chat room with up to six participants. your messages appear and disappear as quickly as you type them, which. YAP Chat injects expression and creativity into everyday messaging. Send beautiful, expressive messages or create your own cartoon strips! Report. Flört yapmak için hemen Chat yap. – Merhaba; Değerli Chat Sohbet TRSohbet. 07 Ocak admin. TRSohbet Türkiye'nin en büyük.