We welcome you to Himara, where the green of the endless olive groves intertwines with the diaphanous blue of the Ionian sea and the azure of the sky in a perfect harmony. The hospitality and the pride of it's inhabitants have been well known since early antiquity as the ancient historians Plinius, Stravon, Thoucidides, Homer and others have pointed out in their works. Our region has always been a favourite place of visit for many famous foreigners, a mong them scholars such as Lord Byron, W. Leake and Evliya Celebi.
Our municipality is mainly rural; as the area lack's urban planning, selecting the most suitable locations with regard to house building in older times, was solely based on folk tradition. A visitor arriving in Himara never feels like a stranger, as the locals greet him/her as they would an old acquaintance. At the local restaurants and taverns one can savour the traditional local dishes-absolutely scrumptious mind you- as well as international cuisine.
The spotless beaches and the radiant sun from dawn to dusk, are just a couple of inviting features in Himara's natural settings, which our township has to offer in a truly bountiful manner. Pay the picturesque villages a visit, where the popular style of house building one comes across in the coastal area yet lives on and also experience the many traditional holiday fests that take place throughout the entire year. The Byzantine churches and the monasteries, timeless marvels of ecclesiastical architecture will surely live up to your expectations.

Dear Visitors
We hope you will enjoy pleasant holidays from the point of view of what Himara has to offer, but also from the perspective of what can regarded as one's personal apocalypse.
We welcome you and wish you the best time ever, on our beaches and the broader area historically belonging to it.